Botassart Missions Project

Navarre 1st Assembly of God
Mission: Help Update and Ready the Church Building for Ministry to our Lord!
September 2017
Ready to fly over the Pond Godfrey de Bouillon's castle above our hotel La Porte de France Hotel. Which way did they go? Navarre Press, don't leave home without it!
First lunch, some of us are awake, others not so much Communauté Chrétienne de Botassart Old Botassart Sign Botassart Building in 1955  Botassart Building in 1955
Botassart Building now, hotel section on right Colorful peppers Church Worship Service Howard & Sara Lisa
Sunday Evening Worship Words in French More Sunday Worship We get to participate
Singing in French Worship Room The Band Adorable Kids
Helping move chairs Gifts from Florida Shell picture frames Sharks teeth for the kids
Enjoying the Lords table Grave of the Giant At the nearby park, resembles Smoky Mountains Sara & Eric explain what needs to be done
Glenn was handy for the high places Jerry ready to attack the bad shower tiles What, men don't need to read instructions Becky de-wallpapering
Jon & Mike running alarm wires Sara and Fred discussing new sound system 3 supervisors and 1 worker Becky & Margaret - Tile Queens
Glenn persuading reluctant tiles Jon lends a hand tiling Ron & Debbie Wilcox with Gerald & Fred John Alderman explains new things at CTS
Rachel with Sara and Shawn Alderman Dennis and Ron Wilcox, old pals Fred getting the tutorial on new sound mixer Rob says, Let there be Light
How many Navarrans does it take to tile a tub? The walls need serious attention! Margaret says no time for dilly-dallying Last shower to demo?
Here's how we caulk in Florida Rachel adds the finishing touches to the sealant Jon likes to get into his work If I stand on the sides I can reach it
Finished project! Everyone pitches in Configuring the new sound system Derek Oldread helps Mike to organize
Derek & Michelle drove over from Germany to help Smiling faces Rob's got to finish that floor tile! Sara Lisa with the PC we provided for the sound system
Sara Lisa and Eric Evans Don't fall, Jon! Rachel helping with our lunch Gerald with Howard and Micheline, Sara's parents
Planning the toilet project Newly installed toilet for elderly folks No need for bidets -- Curb alert! We were able to open up a new door to the facility
Warning!  Don't cut the red wire! Try not to track in any dust The local and missions team before we left for Brussels Godfrey de Bouillon Castle
Birds of Prey show at the castle Awesome view! Town of Bouillon View to the castle courtyard
Last look at Bouillon Dinner in France at the Pirate Ship Captain Jack Sparrow and his swashbucklers Waterloo Monument to Napolean
View from the top of Waterloo Monument At Continental Theological Seminary Rachel & Gerald at CTS cafeteria The gang at CTS break room
Jerry overseeing flags of the nations Great dinner at the Lunch Garden Grand Platz in Brussels Awesome architecture!
Street musicians in Brussels Belgian candies, anyone? How about pastries?